About Us

The Ab-Hibe Consulting Group services education and foreign organizations with technical assistance in the project consulting and management fields for public entities, private companies and non-profit organizations.. By partnering with the Ab-Hibe Consulting Group at the local, regional and national level, municipalities, development agencies, educational institutions and various associations have implemented many projects which have contributed to the success of the country's economy through the quality of services offered by our organization. Our creative and dynamic team will always be conscious of our social responsibility and continue to pursue studies in business ethics and execute our business relationships with our customers with mutual trust. 


About us


Our organisation aims to deliver quality and confidential consulting services to all individuals who wish to implement their ideas in the European integration process. Our goal is to be mentioned with success and praise not only in Turkey but internationally.


  • Develop a working trust with all of our customers
  • Develop improved relations between EU and other parterning countries by assisting our customer's in their European Union Projects
  • Respond to our customers' needs by implementing innovative and quality projects.
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction

Our Values

  • Honesty and Trust
  • Innovation and Dynamism
  • Teamwork and Leadership

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